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Jan 11


Your carpets and rugs are subject to a lot of wear over the years. Your carpets go through a lot of use, including party time and relaxation. Carpet Cleaners Yuma has a special carpet cleaning service that will give your carpets the protection and care they need.

Spills and stains are inevitable when there is so much going on in our daily lives. Children and pets are likely to cause more accidents than adults, but we also know that spills can happen to adults as well. Carpet Cleaners Yuma can provide you with the Carpet Guardant Package which will protect your carpets and prevent these tragic accidents from happening.

How Our Carpet Cleaning Service Protectant Package Works

While carpets are made to resist staining, many carpets become less effective with time. It will eventually fade, making your carpets more vulnerable to stains.

We have designed a Protectant package to be used in conjunction with our carpet cleaning service. This will resolve this problem quickly. Carpet Cleaners Yuma ProtectionTM Package is quick-acting, strong-duty, and works in conjunction with our innovative Carbonating Extraction Cleaning process.

You can easily revive and renew the previous performance of stain-resistant carpets by opting for this package. Our technicians will establish a strong barrier surrounding carpet fibers susceptible to soiling. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to remove spills from your carpets before they become stains.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service Uses the Most Innovative Protectants

A trio of cutting-edge Protectants is used to rejuvenate carpets and provide them with exceptional stain-resistant strength. Here's how these protectants actually work.

PowerGuard Protectant(r)

Do you have solution-dyed carpets? These carpet types are well-suited to the PowerGuard protection. This stain prevention gives carpets an extra boost by strengthening their stain-resisting properties. You'll feel more confident and your carpets can last longer.

Repel Protectant

Your carpets' fibers are so delicate that you might wonder how to protect them all. Repel Protectant has the answer.

This protection shields each carpet fiber and offers outstanding results for all carpet types. Because this protectant is liquid-repelling, stains will not have the chance to set. You can soak up liquids that might otherwise stain your carpets.

Wool Protectant

For carpets and rugs made of Wool, it is common to need special treatment in order to preserve their structural integrity. There is a special protection solution available for these carpet types.

Our Wool Protectant has been water-based and carefully designed to enhance wool's stain-resisting capabilities. This protectant helps wool carpets and rug resist liquid spillages.

What's in the Carpet Cleaners Yuma Protectant Kit?

Our Protectant package includes the application and monitoring of the stain-fighting solutions for each carpet type. You'll also get the benefit of our innovative carpet-cleaning process and the expert knowledge of our technicians.

Here are the carpet-cleaning services included in Protectant Package

  • Carpet and rug inspections
  • Spot testing to achieve the best results
  • Thorough pre-vacuuming
  • Deep cleaning using Hot Carbonating Extraction
  • Grooming and brushing the carpet pile
  • Apply for stain-fighting carpet protection

Are you looking to provide more protection for your carpets? Choose our Healthy Home Package. This package includes all of these services and a deodorizing agent that eliminates lingering odors. It leaves your carpets with a fresh, clean smell.

Learn more today about one of our carpet cleaning packages!


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