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Jan 10


You may be curious about how to clean an oriental rug or Persian rug that has been carefully made. Even if your area rug isn't an antique, it can still be the focal point of a room. It doesn't matter what type of rug it is, rug cleaners can help prevent dye from bleeding and remove impacted dirt and dust from delicate fibers.

Carpet Cleaners Henderson NV has the rug cleaning services that you need to ensure your rugs last a lifetime. We will help you preserve your rug and make your home cleaner.

Are you curious about our rug cleaning process? Do you have questions about rug care? Our team will provide you with the information you need. Below are some common questions regarding rug washing.

All your Rug Cleaning Questions Answered

What do I do if my pet gets into my rug?

Accidents are almost inevitable if you have pets. It is important to be able to recognize the most critical moments after an accident has occurred.

The first step is to absorb as much liquid as possible with white tissue or towels. Avoid rubbing the rug and do not use a spot remover that can permanently alter the color. Call your Henderson Carpet Cleaners to inquire about specialized rug-cleaning services. These can remove any evidence of pet accidents quickly and gently.

What causes dye bleeding in rugs

There are many reasons why dyes can fade, bleed or become weaker.

  • Rugs that have been improperly washed
  • Exposition to urine from pets
  • Excessive sunlight
  • Certain chemicals can produce fumes
  • Use stain removers that contain bleach

Defective dyes, poor dying techniques, and after-market colors can also cause bleeding.

What can I do to increase the life expectancy of my rug?

You should vacuum your rug regularly, especially if it is in high-traffic areas. Dry particulate matter is the majority of soil that gets between rug fibers. This dirt and dust can cause a sandpaper-like effect, which accelerates the wear process.

You can prolong the life of your rug by vacuuming it on a regular basis to prevent its fragile fibers from becoming brittle due to dry soil. Henderson Carpet Cleaners professionals can clean your rug to remove dirt and dust that is beyond your vacuum's reach, increasing its lifespan.

What should I do to prepare for a rug-cleaning visit?

Preparing to have a Henderson Carpet Cleaners rug cleaner visit your home won't take too long but will speed up the process. Before your rug cleaner begins the cleaning process, remove clutter and light furniture.

Next, take a note of any stains and flaws that you would like the technician to focus on. If you have pets, make sure they are in another room or outside the house so that the technician isn't distracted. To ensure safe and efficient cleaning, create a path from your driveway to your door and your rug to the door.

Is it possible for a technician to come and inspect my rug in order to provide me with a quote?

We offer free in-home evaluations for rug cleaning. The following factors may influence the cleaning techniques of a rug:

  • Its construction methods
  • The rug's age
  • The soil compaction
  • It is made from the best materials

After this analysis, you will receive a free quote for cleaning. We'll let you know if the rug can be cleaned at home or if it should be taken to a professional for the best results.


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